High School Debut [Movie]

Because my friend suggested it on her blog, I decided to watch Japanese movie called High School Debut.

Story starts with our main girl, Haruna Nakashima, deciding she'll find love when she goes to high school. She's hopeless, and stood in town for a year ? I think she said a year, waiting for a guy to come and date him. But like I said, she's hopeless. Running after a man who tried to ask her something she lost her shoe. Our hero of the movie, really, he saves the movie, Yoh Komiyama gives Haruna her shoe back.
Haruna talks with her friend, who told Haruna to get a teacher in love, and she runs to Yoh. Yoh first says no, but after his little sister gets friends with Haruna, he says he'll do it with one condition - she can not fall in love with him.

Time goes by, things happen. Haruna learns. I can't spoil you more.
My opinion, I was actually first not going to watch the movie at all. The girl is soooo annoying x.x She has no proud. I don't get girls who want to be something, in this case popular girl, like it's the end of the world. I know we all want to find love, but you shouldn't search for it. It'll come when it's time. I wanted to see the movie because the guy was so cute, but at halfway of the movie the girl became more .. normal ? Though I disliked her character trough the movie, I smiled like an idiot in the end. YEAH BLAME ME, I DON'T LIKE NON-REALISTIC MOVIED/DRAMAS, IF IT'S NOT FANTASY.

Ito Ono as Haruna Nagashima
Junpei Mizobata as Yoh Komiyama
Masaki Suda as Fumiya Tamura
Rina Aizawa as Asami Komiyama
Yuki Furukawa as Yui Asaoka
Sae Miyazawa as Mami Takahashi
Rei Okamoto as Makoto Kurihara

Trailer ;

Watch it ;

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