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Once again, I know why my teachers tell us to get prepared for our exams with time. It's not my first midterm, once again I failed to read for my exams well and .. It was my 5th midterm. Why I never learn T-T
Ohwell. Now that studying is easier for a while, I started to watch more dramas. Yes, again. Dream High 2, Shut Up Flower Boy Bandand The Moon That Embraces The Sun. Small first reviews of DH2 and SUFBB, because there were only 2 episodes to watch for now. The last one had 10.
[Image] I saw Dream High 1, and it was good. For this, for now, I just didn't get the idea. Why did Kirin art school take in a girl who has no talents ? Makes no sense though they said it was for her being good with studying. For now, I'm giving it time and I'm watching it mainly because of the casts - JiYeon, Hyorin, Ailee, JB, JYP are just .. Well, JiYeon I've been waiting to act, I love her acting. Hyorin is amazing on her own. Ailee - no words, wow. JB IS MINE, HE'S SO CUTE XD And JYP's epic.
If you want to know more, head over to DramaWiki.
Shut Up Flower Boy Band. One reason to watch - L. And well, after watching the first episode, Sung Joon.
I actually disliked the guy with the muse. He's annoying, but I was still in shock when .. D: yeah. He's part of the gang though I didn't like it. The band names are horrible too. Eye Candy vs. Strawberry Fields, for real ? >_>I have no words for this, but for L and Sung Joon DramaWiki
The BEST song of the drama for now ♥
I watched a historical korean drama earlier, Tale of the Fox Child, and I liked it. What brought me to TMTETS.. o.o I shall use only ' the moon sun drama '. So, what got me to watch this was mainly first because I got to know the castings. I LOVE the main actors. Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Il Woo .. Dream High, I loved his actings. YES BLAME ME I'M USING THE SAME WORDS. Jung Il Woo, this is the 3rd drama I'm watching with him in it. Also, I didn't know it had Kim Yoo Jung. I love her, seriously. She's amazing actress, better than some adults and she's only 12 years old. Ok, all the acting is amazing in this, but I wanted to give her special mention since it's 2nd drama with her having a main role, and I love her. How can someone just .. wow .. I'LL STOP NOW. The child actors of this are all amazing. And Siwan from ZE:A is in it. I still can't believe it, since he's 17 in the drama and 23 in real life. Just .. WHY XDI won't spoil it, but it's heart-aching story when you get into it. The girl is too smart for me to handle, the politics are hard, but if you ignore the politics parts being important, I hope you'll fall in love with this drama too. I cried like .. A crybaby XD


High School Debut [Movie]

Because my friend suggested it on her blog, I decided to watch Japanese movie called High School Debut.

Story starts with our main girl, Haruna Nakashima, deciding she'll find love when she goes to high school. She's hopeless, and stood in town for a year ? I think she said a year, waiting for a guy to come and date him. But like I said, she's hopeless. Running after a man who tried to ask her something she lost her shoe. Our hero of the movie, really, he saves the movie, Yoh Komiyama gives Haruna her shoe back.
Haruna talks with her friend, who told Haruna to get a teacher in love, and she runs to Yoh. Yoh first says no, but after his little sister gets friends with Haruna, he says he'll do it with one condition - she can not fall in love with him.

Time goes by, things happen. Haruna learns. I can't spoil you more.
My opinion, I was actually first not going to watch the movie at all. The girl is soooo annoying x.x She has no proud. I don't get girls who want to be something, in this case popular girl, like it's the end of the world. I know we all want to find love, but you shouldn't search for it. It'll come when it's time. I wanted to see the movie because the guy was so cute, but at halfway of the movie the girl became more .. normal ? Though I disliked her character trough the movie, I smiled like an idiot in the end. YEAH BLAME ME, I DON'T LIKE NON-REALISTIC MOVIED/DRAMAS, IF IT'S NOT FANTASY.

Ito Ono as Haruna Nagashima
Junpei Mizobata as Yoh Komiyama
Masaki Suda as Fumiya Tamura
Rina Aizawa as Asami Komiyama
Yuki Furukawa as Yui Asaoka
Sae Miyazawa as Mami Takahashi
Rei Okamoto as Makoto Kurihara

Trailer ;

Watch it ;


You are my pet - Korean movie

While watching Kimi Ni Todoke, there was link to the next movie I watched - You Are My Pet. I had a thought about watching it, I was waiting for it when they announced it, but I never did. Forgot T-T
But I'm glad I found it again !

So, this woman Ji Eun-Yi fails all her relationships. Her colleague told her about her pet, how it's better than a man and makes Eun-Yi wanting a puppy. One night, her younger brother takes his friend Kang In-Ho over night to Eun-Yi's house without permission. After the night, In-Ho returns to the house in a blue box in the rain. When Eun-Yi takes In-Ho in, she asks why was he back when his brother already left. Seeing all the puppy pics In-Ho tolds Eun-Yi that he'll be one. A pet and a master. Eun-Yi takes this and names him Momo. Then, the story shall start.
The movie is really amusing, Jang Geun Suk is really an amazing actor. Want a pet like him XD That face is just .. COULD YOU RESIST A PET LIKE THIS

Told ya.

Cast ;
Kim Ha-Neul as Ji Eun-yi
Jang Geun Suk as Kang In-Ho/Momo
Ryu Tae-Joon as Cha Woong-Sung
Choi Jong-Hoon as Ji Eun-Soo
and more.


Watch the full movie ;


Kimi Ni Todoke - the movie


So :3 I got told by 2 friends to watch this, so I decided to watch it. And from now-on, SUNGHYUN, I'LL WATCH MOSTLY EVERYTHING YOU TELL ME TO XD
I loved this. It should be shown to every bully. Even the most quiet ones have feelings, deserve friends and love ♥

So the main character is Sawako Kudonuma. She's cute, innocent, honest and very shy. She puts everyone else over her, and doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Because she once looked like the Sadako (from Ring), she's been told she brings bad luck. They though do look-a-like o.o
Anyways. Sawako takes care of the school- cleaning and gardening mostly, but has no friends. Then one day, Shota Kazehaya comes up. Sawako, helping others, helps him as well to find to the school. One of my favourite parts of the movie happens here - there's a cherry tree next to them, and a leaf falls on Sawako's head. Watch and you'll see ;>
And things go on, there are hardships ahead. Sawako wants to be accepted, help people. What will be ahead, how will everything end, find out. I RECOMMEND IT.

And you just won't be able to resist Kazehaya's smile.

Actors ;
Sawako - Mikako Tabe
Kazehaya - Haruma Miura
Ayane Yano - Natsuna Watanabe
Chizuru Yoshida - Misako Renbutsu

Watch it with english subs ;

。*:★Zassou No Uta Groupdub★:*。

I _love_ it and it's rare O.O


If they'd make a movie of my life ..

I would be played by.. Park Min Young

My crush would be .. Yoon Shi Yoon

My best friend would be .. Park Shin Hye

My mother would be .. Seo Young Hee and My dad would be .. Ji Hyun Woo

My enemy would be .. Han Go Eun

My sister would be .. Lee Ji Ah

My male friend would be .. Jung Yong Hwa

The place would be .. Seoul