You are my pet - Korean movie

While watching Kimi Ni Todoke, there was link to the next movie I watched - You Are My Pet. I had a thought about watching it, I was waiting for it when they announced it, but I never did. Forgot T-T
But I'm glad I found it again !

So, this woman Ji Eun-Yi fails all her relationships. Her colleague told her about her pet, how it's better than a man and makes Eun-Yi wanting a puppy. One night, her younger brother takes his friend Kang In-Ho over night to Eun-Yi's house without permission. After the night, In-Ho returns to the house in a blue box in the rain. When Eun-Yi takes In-Ho in, she asks why was he back when his brother already left. Seeing all the puppy pics In-Ho tolds Eun-Yi that he'll be one. A pet and a master. Eun-Yi takes this and names him Momo. Then, the story shall start.
The movie is really amusing, Jang Geun Suk is really an amazing actor. Want a pet like him XD That face is just .. COULD YOU RESIST A PET LIKE THIS

Told ya.

Cast ;
Kim Ha-Neul as Ji Eun-yi
Jang Geun Suk as Kang In-Ho/Momo
Ryu Tae-Joon as Cha Woong-Sung
Choi Jong-Hoon as Ji Eun-Soo
and more.


Watch the full movie ;