Kdramas I've seen ~ part 2

I don't know why am I doing this, but it's all just for you :D I hope you like these.
Part 2 ! It has only one since I'm being lazy XD Mian ~

Marry me, Mary ! 매리는 외박중
Also known as Mary Stayed out all night / Maerineun Oebakjoong. 16 episodes. Romance, comedy.

Wi Mae Ri, cheerfull pretty girl who I adore. One of them. Though she's going through hard times, she keeps being happy. She has no mother, and her dad is in trouble with debts. Kang Moo Kyul, underground rocker who doesn't really care about anything.
Dad gets helped by his old friend, who wants to be paid back, not just with anything, but he wants their child to marry. Mae Ri doesn't find this interesting or fair, and tries to cheat his father that she's already getting married to another guy - Moo Kyul. They get 100-days to convince, who Mae Ri wants to marry - Moo Kyul, or the other one, Jung In.
I loved the comedy here ♥

Where to watch ;
and i guess youtube.