Kdramas I've seen ~ part 1

POSTING ABOUT KDRAMAS YAY ! I'm doing it in parts because it took a lot of time to do just 2 o.o .. Damn internet, I actually kept watching fanvideos and listening to OST songs and
watching the first episodes of both dramas XD
For those, who don't know what's kdrama ; Korean Drama.

Why korean dramas ? How did I end up with watching ones ?
Well, I'm not sure .. I can't remember. The way I ended up to watch my first drama was because of T-ARA, I loved their music video of the ballad version of Lies, and I wanted to see the drama. Mostly because of JiYeon. After that, I'm not sure what came as the second drama. But yeah, I'll introduce you to the dramas I've seen ~ ( YES, I KEEP A LIST NOW )

In this part ; Soul / Hon & Boys Over Flowers

혼 (魂) / Hon

Also knows as Soul / Spirit / Ghost / Possessed. 10 episodes. Horror, romance, tragedy.

Hon was aired in autumn 2009. I usually dislike horror, but I don't know why I watched the drama to the end.
The story is about this girl called Ha Na, who's a twin sister of Doo Na. After Ha Na almost getting crushed by a girl who jumped off the roof, after Doo Na dies, Ha Na find herself seeing dead people and being able to communicate with them. This drives Ha Na mostly insane. Then we meet our Shin Ryu, a criminal psychoanalyst, who wants to help Ha Na to get back to normal, but ends up using her as well as Doo Na - for Doo Na, killing the ones who killed her, for Shin Ryu, killing those who can't be punished by law
NOT FOR UNDER 19-year olds, though I watched it when I was 15.

Where to watch ?
MySoju, didn't make sure that it has all the episodes working but I think it does.
Youtube most probably has some too.

Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다 남자 / Kgotboda Namja
Also known as Boys Before Flowers / BOF. 25 episodes. Romance, comedy

A love story. Trio-ish ? Jandi ♥ Junpyo, Junpyo ♥ Jandi, JiHoo ♥ Jandi. Through hard times, FIND OUT WHO ENDS UP TOGETHER.
As usual dramas nowdays, the story is about Jandi being an average girl and others are really rich guys who fall in love with each others, rich family wants them to hate each others but nah. The couple I love the most is So Yi Jung and Chu Ga Eul couple ♥♥♥♥ .. though I'm not still sure are they a couple in the end >_> WHO CARES.

Where to watch ?
MySoju, dramacrazy and youtube.