Kimi Ni Todoke - the movie


So :3 I got told by 2 friends to watch this, so I decided to watch it. And from now-on, SUNGHYUN, I'LL WATCH MOSTLY EVERYTHING YOU TELL ME TO XD
I loved this. It should be shown to every bully. Even the most quiet ones have feelings, deserve friends and love ♥

So the main character is Sawako Kudonuma. She's cute, innocent, honest and very shy. She puts everyone else over her, and doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Because she once looked like the Sadako (from Ring), she's been told she brings bad luck. They though do look-a-like o.o
Anyways. Sawako takes care of the school- cleaning and gardening mostly, but has no friends. Then one day, Shota Kazehaya comes up. Sawako, helping others, helps him as well to find to the school. One of my favourite parts of the movie happens here - there's a cherry tree next to them, and a leaf falls on Sawako's head. Watch and you'll see ;>
And things go on, there are hardships ahead. Sawako wants to be accepted, help people. What will be ahead, how will everything end, find out. I RECOMMEND IT.

And you just won't be able to resist Kazehaya's smile.

Actors ;
Sawako - Mikako Tabe
Kazehaya - Haruma Miura
Ayane Yano - Natsuna Watanabe
Chizuru Yoshida - Misako Renbutsu

Watch it with english subs ;

。*:★Zassou No Uta Groupdub★:*。

I _love_ it and it's rare O.O