New Dramas

Once again, I know why my teachers tell us to get prepared for our exams with time. It's not my first midterm, once again I failed to read for my exams well and .. It was my 5th midterm. Why I never learn T-T
Ohwell. Now that studying is easier for a while, I started to watch more dramas. Yes, again. Dream High 2, Shut Up Flower Boy Bandand The Moon That Embraces The Sun. Small first reviews of DH2 and SUFBB, because there were only 2 episodes to watch for now. The last one had 10.
[Image] I saw Dream High 1, and it was good. For this, for now, I just didn't get the idea. Why did Kirin art school take in a girl who has no talents ? Makes no sense though they said it was for her being good with studying. For now, I'm giving it time and I'm watching it mainly because of the casts - JiYeon, Hyorin, Ailee, JB, JYP are just .. Well, JiYeon I've been waiting to act, I love her acting. Hyorin is amazing on her own. Ailee - no words, wow. JB IS MINE, HE'S SO CUTE XD And JYP's epic.
If you want to know more, head over to DramaWiki.
Shut Up Flower Boy Band. One reason to watch - L. And well, after watching the first episode, Sung Joon.
I actually disliked the guy with the muse. He's annoying, but I was still in shock when .. D: yeah. He's part of the gang though I didn't like it. The band names are horrible too. Eye Candy vs. Strawberry Fields, for real ? >_>I have no words for this, but for L and Sung Joon DramaWiki
The BEST song of the drama for now ♥
I watched a historical korean drama earlier, Tale of the Fox Child, and I liked it. What brought me to TMTETS.. o.o I shall use only ' the moon sun drama '. So, what got me to watch this was mainly first because I got to know the castings. I LOVE the main actors. Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Il Woo .. Dream High, I loved his actings. YES BLAME ME I'M USING THE SAME WORDS. Jung Il Woo, this is the 3rd drama I'm watching with him in it. Also, I didn't know it had Kim Yoo Jung. I love her, seriously. She's amazing actress, better than some adults and she's only 12 years old. Ok, all the acting is amazing in this, but I wanted to give her special mention since it's 2nd drama with her having a main role, and I love her. How can someone just .. wow .. I'LL STOP NOW. The child actors of this are all amazing. And Siwan from ZE:A is in it. I still can't believe it, since he's 17 in the drama and 23 in real life. Just .. WHY XDI won't spoil it, but it's heart-aching story when you get into it. The girl is too smart for me to handle, the politics are hard, but if you ignore the politics parts being important, I hope you'll fall in love with this drama too. I cried like .. A crybaby XD